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Sound Protector Hz (Cartoon, Comic)

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Sound Protector Hz

│ Summary │

  • Title : Sound Protector Hz
  • Author : Moosn
  • Genre : Fantasy Action
  • Form : Web-Toon Type of Graphic Novel in Unfolding Episode Form
  • Volume : Total of 2 volumes (100pages, hardcover)

│ Story │

The world ahead of us is goint'be sound-free. That's because sound is of no use to human evolution. In fact, it gets in the Way. So we're going't'wipe sound out, morning to night...

“That's evolution. Evolution's always hard. Hard and bleak. No such thing as happy evolution.“

Murakami Haruki [from Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World] -....
Story of the sound eating aliens and the rock band who fights them.

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